Why learn English online?

Over 30 years of teaching experience

Specialized courses

Competitive pricing

Learn English according to your needs

Make progress at your own pace

Learn English for business or pleasure

Affordable private
lessons as low as only $20.00 per hour!
Skype English Classes
Improve your English skills with our personalized Skype English courses. Whether you want to enhance your spoken English skills, prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, FCE,
or any other certified examination, or improve your existing level.  Call or Email us, our experienced tutors will design a course for you!
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English Lessons Online.Net
English Lessons
Why take English classes online?

You will progress faster - Learning one-to-one via Skype means
that you will have to do a lot of speaking! The more speaking you do,
the faster you will learn.

Experienced International Teaching - Over 30 years of teaching
English to students of many different countries and cultures including
Brazil, Italy, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the United States.

Personalized schedule - we prepare an individualized schedule
unique to each student´s availability and needs.

Personalized classes - Our teachers will create a course for you
designed specifically around your needs and interests. This covers
everything from curriculum based classes, conversation and
preparation to TOEFL, IELTS and other exams.

Low prices - we believe in keeping our prices as low as possible to
make language learning available to as many of you as possible.

We have prices starting from as low as $20 an hour!

Our online classes

All levels from beginner to advanced

1-1 TOEFL / IELTS  or other exam

Business English

Homework help & English tutoring

Conversation classes for
intermediate and advanced speakers

What do you need?

(More details about how it
works here)

Step 1.
Make sure you have access
to a computer with a
headset and an Internet

Step 2.
Create a free Skype

Step 3.
Ask for your Free Live
English Class (the first one
is always free)

Step 4.
Arrange a schedule with
your new online teacher

Step 5.
Call Today!
Call Today!